Sponsors and Supporters  





 I am delighted to be a member of The Pure Feed Company Supported Rider Team. The Pure Feed Company provides a feed range of horse feeds designed as the horse evolved to eat. The range is fully balanced, full of natural grasses, free from molasses and low in starch. The Pure Feed Company have a fantastic team of nutritionists who can advise you on exactly what to feed your horse. Simply visit their website and fill in a FREE diet plan to receive a comprehensive feeding programme, bespoke for your horses. 

I have worked closely with Lisa with my own horses and am very proud to have her as a sponsor and have her support. I  couldn't thank her enough for all she has done for me! Lisa Theron is a Saddle fitter for Dorset , Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. Offering a full saddle consultation service whereby you can have your current saddle checked and fitted or should you wish to purchase a new saddle.   

My wonderful sponsor Mrs. B Photography, couldn't thank her enough for the fab pictures she takes  and her continuous support. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. She is hands on with horses which is an added bonus!  

Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness is made of of Stuart my personal trainer  and Sophia my chiropractor both specialising in riders. Between them they keep me from falling apart. Stuart is a great asset keeping me fit for riding, I have found his help hugely beneficial and feel such a difference.  The same can be said about Sophia her regular treatments keep me on my feet and riding!       

Both Anna's horses are treated on a regular basis so they can perform to there maximum potential and are free from any aches and pains. Both horses are looser and more relaxed after their treatments which helps in all aspects of training.  

Becky Brown from Equine Dentistry UK treats both of Anna's horse's and comes highly recommended with a patient and calm approach.