Confidence Through Coaching

As well as working on your horse’s performance and your ability as riders, I also look at the rider mindset as an individual as I truly believe it is one of the most important aspects of riding and It's often overlooked how our mindset effects our riding ability.

The use of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) can benefit the way we feel and how we behave in certain situations. Alongside coaching on the horse, Anna is a NLP Master Practitioner and offers off the horse sessions, to really focus in on specific issues or perfecting the overall picture.    

Mental Performance Coaching 

As a rider’s fear, and anxiety can very often affect your performance, whether it be in the warm up ring, at home, out hacking or at a competition. In our coaching sessions, we work on building personal confidence and resilience. This being dealing with how to overcome nerves or pressure whatever may be the route of the problem or the situation.

It’s easy to simply give up when things go wrong or makes us feel anxious or scared. In Coaching sessions we also look closely at how to build an adjustable, positive mental attitude to deal with setbacks and issues. 

Goal setting 

Without set goals and a plan of action, riders’ ambitions are hard to achieve. throughout the coaching process , we set goals and create an effective plan of action, whatever your goal may be.

 For the competitive rider creating effective preparation strategies for competition are also are an important aspect.

Sessions can be tailored to work along side the ridden coaching or purely mental performance coaching.

what I can offer 

1-1 coaching on the horse, as well as working on your horse’s performance and your ability as a rider, we focus on the mindset involved within the whole process whilst on the horse. 

1-1 coaching off the horse, where we can identify the areas you wish to work on as an individual, then go forward to create strategies and a plan of action to meet your goals and aspirations. 

Mentorship programme, this is very limited, only 4 riders a year, applications not yet open. 

I am available to riding clubs, for talks and workshops. Please get in touch for more information. 

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