-Are you riding to the best of your ability? 

-Do you feel you are unbalanced in the saddle?

-Are you aware of a weakness that you need help with? 

Rider Analysis Coaching 

Why is a riders position so important? 

Asymmetry within riding. This simply means the rider's weight is not being evenly balanced and distributed on the horse and therefore is not symmetrical. When the rider is not symmetrical, they with struggle to stay with the horse's movement. The horse may also have to compensate for the rider, this can create muscle tension, affect the horse's striding, and their overall performance and way of going. 

45 minute coaching with Anna Noble BHSII identifying areas of weakness within your riding.

This includes a individual 45 minute lesson with Anna Noble either flat work or jumping. Anna will work on symmetry, balance, position, engaging your core, and identifying areas of weakness within your riding. Firstly Anna will work through some exercises on the horse within your session, then passing you over to the capable hands of Stuart and Sophia for exercises that can be worked on off the horse.

30 minute training session with Cherry Tree House working on those key areas.

Cherry Tree House is made up of Stuart a qualified PT, and Sophia Bramwell-Reeks a chiropractor. Both work closely with Anna specialising in riders and their needs.
Stuart will use movement analysis and can work on the following issues, balance, core strength, range of movement, general rider fitness and any other specific areas riders wish to include along with the input of Sophia Bramwell-Reeks MChiro BSc (Hons) This will include anything Anna has picked up within the riding session.