Franklin Balls 

I have started to use Franklin balls in some of my flatwork coaching sessions to help with feel, posture and helping improve the contact. I am really amazed by the results, and have had great rider feedback.

Franklin balls can be used in a number of ways to get different results, the balls are positioned under the seat, thighs or arms and can help with the following issues… effectively Pilates on horses!

n   Eases away tension

n   Improving position

n   Promoting greater awareness of the seat

n   Horses respond to the greater freedom of movement

n   Promoting softness and improving the contact

"I used mine a couple of days ago (in the armpits) and after an initial ‘what?’ moment from Penny she settled like in our lesson. 

I rode yesterday (without) concentrating on how it felt with them there. Penny was awesome. I’ll be using them regularly as a reminder. Thank you for introducing them to me at camp" Linda Jones 

There is a short video explaining the use of them in the following link…/franklin-balls-work-627951

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