Equine Sports Massage 

Anna, along side being a qualified coach is a  certified ESMT IAAMT equine sports massage therapist. Anna offers equine sports massage to her own clients as well as non clients. She finds this hugely beneficial to a horses training being able to look at the bigger picture anatomically.

All horses can benefit from an equine sports massage treatment. This can range from the happy hacker, to the competition horse. 

So why is massage important and how does it work?

By using different Massage strokes, massage can enhance muscle tone, relax muscle spasm and prevent adhesions. In short, Equine sports massage benefits the well-being of the horse. It releases tension and aids relaxation. When muscles become tight or are in a contracted state, blood circulation decreases resulting in restricted movement, nerve irritation and even pain. Massage warms the tissue which improves the circulation and the lymphatic return. This aids removal of metabolic waste from muscles. When thinking about an injury massage can also prevent muscle atrophy and lower the chance of further adhesions.

     The Benefits of Equine Massage... 

Increasing blood and lymph circulation
Improved mobility
Promotes relaxation 
Stay supple by keeping muscles healthy
Help with arthritis and other age related conditions
Enhance muscle tone
Relieving tension
 Increase their range of movement
 Perform to maximum potential

Maintenance or Rehabilitation massage   £35.00

This includes gait analysis, a full body sport massage and stretches if appropriate. The treatment will be based on the individual requirement of the horse.    

Pre-event massage     £30.00
This warms up the entire body ready to perform to maximum potential. This can only be done to existing clients as I know your horse and am aware of their individual needs. Pre-event massage increases the lymph and blood circulation and by the use of different techniques can either be used to stimulate the horse or relax the horse for the job that is ahead of them.   

Post-event massage     £30.00
This helps with the removal of toxins and aids recovery time and reduces stiffness. Again this can only be done on existing clients as I am able to gauge your horse's reactions to any problematic areas.     
The Veterinary Act ...
It is required by law that any professional treating an animal must have veterinary consent prior to any treatment. This must be done by myself or the owner which ever is preferable usually by a quick phone call or occasionally some vets may ask for a consent form to be signed that can be arranged. In cases where your horse is undergoing any other treatment I may also contact your vet to discuss suitable treatment.